Create your FB ads directly in Kontentino

Create your Facebook Ads directly in the calendar. Upload your link, write your copy, edit headline and choose your CTA. Collaborate with your team on ads creation. No copy-pasting from spreadsheets. Everything exported to Ads Manager in one click

Social media marketing collaboration

Easy approvals, no errors

Once you are happy with your ad, you can send it for client's or internal approval. Clients will see what exactly will the ad look like. No guessing. No sending numerous screenshots over.

Social media easy approval

All you need in one tool

When choosing social media management 
software for your marketing team,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.




Feedback and approval
via our mobile app


All assets in one place

Kontentino makes it really easy for us to manage all campaigns and social media communication from one place.

Impress clients and managers with easy-to-understand reports

Collaborate, approve, schedule and analyse your performance afterwards. Create comprehensive reports for your clients and managers in Kontentino.

Try Kontentino

One of the best social media management tools for easy collaboration and approval

Intuitive tool for social media content creation

Intuitive tool for social media content creation.

healthy agency client relationships

Kontentino was designed for seamless
collaboration. Assign tasks and communicate 
easily with your team members!

mobile app feedback on social content

Get and give feedback on the go via our
mobile app.

It's easy

connect your account
Kontentino collaboration

Connect your Ad Account with your Kontentino

in calendar select new
Kontentino collaboration

In the calendar, select +New Ad

and create your ad, edit your ad's headline, choose CTA, add UTM tags as usual

send live preview to your client
Kontentino collaboration

Impress your client or your manager and send a live preview of the ads.

This way they will know exactly what the ad will look like when published.

set up your campaign
Kontentino collaboration

Set up your campaign

and your Ad will be automatically exported to your Ads Manager

facebook ads manager
Kontentino collaboration

Set the Ad live